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  • How do I care for my cut flowers?
    Although flowers enjoy sun while they're still in the ground, once they're cut they enjoy shady-cool conditions. I recommend keeping your bouquet out of a sunny window, or any area of your home that gets pretty warm (next to a vent, stovetop, etc.) as this can decrease their vase life. Giving your flower stems a trim, along with fresh water every day, will also extend their vase life.
  • How does the flower stand work?
    Our flower stand hours usually vary with weather elements and supply/demand; however when in season we typically have it open from 9am-1:00pm. It's located at the end of our driveway. We accept cash, check, or Venmo at the stand, all self-serve so bring exact change. You'll want to follow our social media accounts to see what flowers we place on the stand. Prices vary from $10-$25 for bouquets. We do offer gift cards that can be used to purchase our mason jar bouquets on the stand.
  • Do you do weddings?
    We do not do weddings or events at this time; however you can purchase a DIY bucket of flowers to design your own bouquets.
  • Can I pick the type of flowers I want in my bouquet?
    Our bouquets are always grower's choice which means our bouquets are designed with what we're growing in season.
  • Do you hold any events at the flower farm?
    Yes we do! We offer U-Pick events that you can sign up for in the summer.
  • Can I visit the Flower Farm?
    The Flower Farm is not open to the public except on our specific U-Pick days. We post these events on our website for you to purchase tickets.
  • Are flowers visible from the Flower Stand?
    The flowers we grow are not visible from our roadside stand.
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